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How NLP Sessions Work

Video call snapshot 94People are successfully achieving what they experience, using their unique combination of traits. When they want to achieve a different experience, some of those traits may sometimes be getting in the way or even damaging. Typical psychologists / therapists / counselors / coaches might want to “fix” those traits. There’s a problem with that: those traits often drive people and defined who they are. If they “fix” the traits, they can “break” what works for them.

Video call snapshot 7We look at people’s individuality and ask, “What new thoughts will help them flourish in a way that’s effective and sustainable?” We also consider their unique environment and circumstances, then tailor solutions to work in that context. We help them use their mind-set to full advantage, while addressing the issues that can be repeatedly thwarting their efforts to achieve what they want.

Video call snapshot 13We quickly cut to the core of what’s either limiting people, or preventing them from achieving what they’re really capable of.

  • Be willing to do things differently with the awareness that we don’t operate like conventional psychologists/therapists/counselors/coaches.
  • Video call snapshot 23We use a fully integrated methodology with no separation between business and personal issues, they are all “personal” to the person experiencing it.
  • We want the “big picture” first, then, very quickly, we precisely target the specific changes people need.
  • We meet face to face with video conference using Skype. Needs a computer, phone or projector screen, speakers or headphones, webcam, microphone (most laptops and phones now have all that built in), a good internet connection and the Skype software installed.
  • Video call snapshot 96We are prepared for your opportunity to meet with us, be prepared to take action afterwards. The change you want is within your control.

Personalized and unique solutions. There is no better way. Since we are working with individual situations, which are not quite the same as anybody else, the combination of elements in a person’s solution will be as unique as they are. We don’t have a choice.

By and by you will come to realize the value in this, you may have already by now.

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